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»  Each tour group is accompanied by an experienced and passionate tour leader, who will introduce you to the rich history, fantastic food and vibrant culture of Georgia. Our mission is to offer you the best tours at the highest quality possible that give you value for money and time. Every tour is carefully designed to provide nothing than an once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

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Tbilisi - Hidden Beauty


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Tbilisi – Hidden Beauty

Taking in mind that it is not easy to see the top sights of the city in one day and experience it like a local. We decided dividing the most worthy attractions into three parts to make your effort, time and money efficiently. Furthermore we try to achieve a deeper touch in the spirit of this marvelous city and not simply be tagged or checked in many places, at the same time not to get too tired and put your tasks in order of priority of your targets. There are links of the other day tours in Tbilisi: Tbilisi – Old Town

During this tour we will explore lesser-known sights in Tbilisi. All the sights are concentrated in the bohemian part of the town. We will see a beautiful examples of the 19th century architecture, that is changed little over the time. Several of them has been restored to its former glory. Unfortunately some of the buildings are in a really bad shape.The history of this neighborhood starts from 1850’s, when some noble and financially most powerful families decided to build their own residencies beyond the wall fence, near the royal garden. Nevertheless their life is a story of boom and bust (and we will give you rare and personal insight in it), they have established architectural masterpieces with impressive facades, painted entrances, ornamented staircases and carved balconies. If you truly are an adventure seeker, than this part is designated for you.

We can also offer several hiking trails near to the route, so please fill free to contact us and customize your tour to suit your interests.

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