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»  Hiking in Georgia was created in the spirit of burning passion for loving nature, hiking and discovering new places, sightseeing, tastes and feelings. We offer a huge variety of different activities, including high-quality personalized tours, more than 50 guided hiking trails, superb outdoor activities, tasting award-winning Georgian wine & food, safely transportation and cozy accommodations.

»  We have no upper age restrictions and welcome explorers from all walks of life – single travelers, families, couples, young adults and anyone else in search of fun and adventure. Whether it’s exploring a castle, climbing to the top of a mountain or white water rafting, we like to get up close and personal to our country. We take you to all the hidden gems that you won’t find in the guidebooks to give you a feel of the real Georgia.

»  Each tour group is accompanied by an experienced and passionate tour leader, who will introduce you to the rich history, fantastic food and vibrant culture of Georgia. Our mission is to offer you the best tours at the highest quality possible that give you value for money and time. Every tour is carefully designed to provide nothing than an once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

» Our greatest passion is discovery, our greatest ambition – to continue sharing these discoveries. We are on a journey – forever listening, learning and evolving, seeking to become more responsible and sustainable company. We have done some great things, but we are ready and raring to do a whole lot more.

»  Please browse our tours and don’t hesitate to call us or chat with us if you have any questions. Once you book your trip, it will run. We have never ever cancelled a single trip. We like to do things properly. Your comfort and safety are top priorities to us.


Hiking in Georgia



Special Tours

Wine Tour

1 Day in kakheti 

  Join one of our wine tours and enjoy a day out from Tbilisi in the beautiful Georgian countryside Kakheti and taste award-winning wines. We will take you through quintessential villages and introduce you to an array of vineyards and wine producers.

  You will learn about the Georgian traditional method to make dry, semi–dry, sweet, semi-sweet and sparkling wines (UNESCO has inscribed this method on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, 2013) and wine industry in general.

  Georgia is one of the oldest wine region in the world. Archaeologists have discovered wine vessels (amphora shaped) which dates back to approximately 8000 years BC. There are nearly 400 grape varieties in Georgia and the best-known wine region Kakheti produces 70% of grapes.

  On our way we will visit The King’s Palace in Telavi, house museum of Alexander Chavchavadze in Tsinandali and wine museum in Kvareli.

  We will take part in the harvesting of wine grapes (subject to seasonality, mostly in September and October), pressing the grape in traditional way, preparing our own Churchkhela (Georgian candy), distilling local brandy Chacha and baking Georgian bread Shoti. All of this followed by a lunch at the tower-restaurant ,,Khareba” with the picturesque views on Alazani valley. There we have the opportunity to pair wine and food, raise a glass and propose a toast to the general joy of the whole table.

  Our tours offer a great experience and a fun day out in a relaxed environment, and are a fantastic way to celebrate special occasions and are private, so you won’t get lost in the crowd.

  The price depends on the size of the group and the tour package. Please feel free to contact us and plan your tailor made tour in the oldest wine making region of the world.



Hiking in Georgia