Our country

Georgia is a country of unique culture and rich history, which can be traced to classical antiquity and even earlier. Archaeologists have found the oldest known traces of wine production, dated 8000 years BC, in Georgia. Thanks to this long history of viticulture, grapevine is one of Georgia's national symbols, adorning medieval decorations, carvings and paintings. The current Georgian alphabet, with its characteristic curvy shapes, was designed to look like the loops and twists of grapevines.

A people of distinct culture, Georgians are not related to the Russians, Turks or Greeks, nor do they have any ethnic or linguistic ties to other nations that surround them. There are academic theories which link Georgians to Basque and Corsican people in Southwestern Europe, but there is no definitive evidence of this. For centuries, Georgians have been embroiled in power struggles against the world’s biggest empires (Roman, Mongol, Byzantine, Persian, Ottoman and Russian), but they nevertheless managed to preserve their identity. In testament to this long history, Georgia's countryside is covered with ancient towered fortifications, monasteries and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which have survived through great adversities.

Georgia is an offbeat tourists’ destination boasting of plenty of amazing attractions and stunning natural beauty. Its location in the Caucasus region makes it perfect for indulging in adventure activities. Georgia’s mountainous region shaped by green farmlands and rivers acts at the ideal backdrop for outdoor adventures. There are several options to make your trip to Georgia a truly adventurous affair. You can indulge in hiking, trekking, mountaineering, river rafting, horse riding and many amazing adventure activities in Georgia. Pristine natural beauty will greet you all along the trails leading to sleepy villages, crumbling castles and towers, lush river valleys and high mountainous paths. All three activities are perfect for people who are looking for outdoor adventurous experience.