Racha Tour

racha notsara mount

Racha Tour

Tour in Racha with my friends from Hungary and my impressions

It’s known that people easily show their personal characters during a hike. Unsettled weather, unexpected obstacles or many other simple reasons are quite enough for complaining and unseemly behavior. The strong probability of such an accident increases in a strange environment in a new country. That’s why the locals are able to efficiently observe and understand someone’s personality. The very first question is: ,,Excuse me, what’s your nationality?”. It follows that you are the representative of your country while traveling.

  Last week I had a chance to hike with a relatively big team from Hungary. We know that there are certain difficulties related to security measures, health issues, technical support, information delivery and simply sharing the joy with a large group. I thought that it might be a significant challenge to me.

After 5 days hike in Racha Municipality, I came to the conclusion that nothing could be more pleasant than to feel yourself like a big family member along a steep mountain path. Much to my surprise, the group performed as one well organized team, with experienced and joyful members. They are focused on a ,,we” mentality for creating remarkable journey, including sharing information, funny games, dancing in the wild and working closely with the guide. We were standing beside to each other, glimpsing of the glaciers and sharing happiness. Mountains can bring people closer together and build relationship.

   I’m also very surprised at the similarities between two countries, Georgia and Hungary. I’ve already started get in touch with Hungarian history, mythology, geography, culture and tradition. They have given me a reason to love Hungary and Hungarian people.

For more information and pictures, please visit our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HikingGeorgia4/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1781650875265357

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