Tbilisi – Old Town


Tbilisi – Old Town

Taking in mind that it is not easy to see the top sights of the city in one day and experience it like a local. We decided dividing the most worthy attractions into three parts to make your effort, time and money efficiently. Furthermore we try to achieve a deeper touch in the spirit of this marvelous city and not simply be tagged or checked in many places, at the same time not to get too tired and put your tasks in order of priority of your targets. There are links of the other day tours in Tbilisi: Tbilisi – Hidden Beauty and

This part of the city is characterized as stepping back in time, because we will touch the history of 1500 years, places, building, stories and artifacts, which provide a solid foundation one of the oldest capital city in the world. In spite of countless attacks and obstacles it remains its charm and bewitched influence to capture your attention with iconic beauty. We will be delighted to share interesting historical stories about every sights, as well as personal opinions. Tbilisi is a composition of stories, immersed in the stones, due to its location on the crossroad between Europe and Asian. Whether you are visiting for the first time and would like a classic sightseeing or you have explored the city before, there are always so many details just waiting to be discovered on our day tour around iconic landmarks such as Abanotubani, Narikala, Kala, Metekhi, rike and another unmarked places in the old town.

We can also offer several hiking trails near to the route, so please fill free to contact us and customize your tour to suit your interests.

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