Tobavarchkhili Lakes

Tobavarchkhili Lakes

   Tobavarchkhili Lakes (“Silver Lakes”) located on the Egrisi range, at an altitude of 2500-2650m, is one of the most impressive trek what you can do in Georgia. During the tour we will see the unique broad-leaved forests, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, breathtaking waterfalls, magical lakes, rocky gorges and caves. The best period for hiking starts from mid-July and lasts until mid-September because of the most pleasant weather and lowest rainfall.
   There are several alternative routes to the lakes, this post describes the one starting in Mukhuri village. Driving with 4 x 4 SUV’s to the first camp site ,,Natifuru Hut” takes 5 hours  (total ascent 1600 m.). The t
rail from the first camp to the first lake (Tsashkibuli, which means heaven stairs) is difficult, crossing the pass altitude 2750 m, lake is on altitude 2650. 8 hours to walk. In 4 hours we will walk through some alpine fields, small river gorges, strange shaped rocks, shepherds hut and even more till we reach the pass from where we can ,,ski” down to the first lake. We can explore surroundings the lake and enjoy its beautiful and mystic atmosphere. In sunny weather lake changes the color throughout the day. Reflections of Rocks in the lake are even more beautiful than the lake itself. 

   1.5-2 hour walk up and down to another pass we will be at Greater Tobavarchkhili Lake (Chitagvala Tobavarchkhili. Chitagvala means red mountain in Megrelian language). This Lake is rather larger in size, and more open with wide fields. We need to get up to any of the summits or hills around it to see the full view of the lake and feel it with our heart.

   We need 5 days (4 nights) to hike this amazing trail, which consists of 720 km. driving by car and 35 km. hiking distances. There is no opportunity to stay at the hotel, hence we need overnight in the tents for 4 nights.

  The price depends on the size of the group and the tour package. Please feel free to contact us and plan your tailor made tour of the magical lakes district.