Region:  Adjara Guide:  Jacob Walker

Batumi – Adjara

   Batumi  – the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” as it is often called – is the second largest city of Georgia, located on the coast of the Black Sea in the country’s southwest. Situated in a subtropical zone near the… continue reading Batumi – Adjara

Birtvisi Fortress

   Birtvisi fortress was one of the most protected fortress-cities in Eastern Georgian Kingdom through the centuries. The most prominent towers, known as Sheupovari and Dedatsikhe, are located on the tops of tallest rock in the area.… continue reading Birtvisi Fortress

Region:  Kartli Guide:  Jacob Walker

Bolnisi – Dmanisi

   On our one-day tour to Bolnisi – Dmanisi we will visit a bewitching ancient basilica of Bolnisi Sioni, that  is the oldest preserved architectural monuments on the territory of the country. The temple is located… continue reading Bolnisi – Dmanisi

Region:  Kakheti Guide:  Jacob Walker

David Gareji

   Davit Gareji is one of the greatest cave cities in Georgia. It is a VI-XII century prominent relief-cultural center from the Georgian feudal time. The David Gareji cave monastery complex is located in the… continue reading David Gareji

Region:  Kakheti Guide:  Jacob Walker

Hunting Trips

Hunting trips detailed description is under construction, please visit the page soon again

Juta – Chaukhi – Abudelauri Lakes

   The well-known trail connecting Kazbegi region with Khevsureti. It is very interesting due to a proximity of imposing Chaukhi massif with its seven sharp peaks and necessity to scale 3431 meters high Chaukhi pass.… continue reading Juta – Chaukhi – Abudelauri Lakes

Region:  Kakheti Guide:  Jacob Walker


  This 2-day tour offers traveling in the easternmost countryside of Georgia, rich in history, viticulture and diverse landscapes, ranging from fertile lowlands and semi-deserts to the snow-covered Caucasus Mountains. Due to being one of the… continue reading Kakheti